Acknowledged as the founding father of the DJ Collective .5th Platoon., Neil Armstrong is known as a purveyor of good music, dropping gourmet goods for mixtape aficionados, music connoisseurs and party people throughout the world.


Born and Breed in NYC, He cut his teeth in the early 90.s honing his skills in the realm of turntablism, the sect of DJing where proficiency in kutting, scratchin, and beatjuggling define status. His time spent in the trenches battling and mastering the art form allowed him to rock shows alongside artists across the Hip Hop Spectrum - from De La Soul, The Roots, Company Flow and Biz Markie, to Kanye West, LL Cool J, Busta Rhymes and Wyclef Jean.


As a member of the critically acclaimed 2 time Grammy award nominated jazz band - "Russell Gunn and Ethnomusicology", he further explored the idea of using a turntable as an instrument. His stint with the band brought him around the globe to places like the North Sea Jazz Festival in Den Hague, Netherlands . one of the largest music gatherings in the world, and gave him the opportunity to play alongside true musicians like Kenny Garrett (a member of Miles Davis' band) and Brandford Marsalis.


Over the last 7 years, he has made a mark in the subgenre of Hip Hop known as the .Mixtape. Culture. To these mixtape projects Neil always brings his experience - from his eclectic music tastes, to the ideas of artistic integrity - and he has gained notoriety for smoothness, creativity and originality by making products that hinge entirely on the ideals of good music and skills. This is what separates his mixtapes from the rest of the pack.


Everyone from the hipster set to the industry heavyweights have taken notice. He made Rolling Stone.s "Top 10" Mixtape DJ's of 2005 list, was recognized by Vibe Magazine as one of the next DJ's "on deck" to watch out for, had his cd's featured on's Holiday Essentials Feature, and gained honorable mentions in's Power 30 List of "The most influential players in the mixtape game". In 2007, he received a SEA Mixtape Award for the .best Old School R&B. Category.


His personal style has brought him to a larger stage, as established entities in various industries of entertainment have tapped him to do his thing on the 1.s and 2.s - to set the mood and control the atmosphere through that universal language: music. He has proven to be prolific at doing just that, whether he is rocking a club in Miami for the upper echelon model set, getting NBA Players amped to do their hoop thing, killing the dance floor at a lounge in San Fransisco, making people move across the world at a Shanghai nightclub, or rocking a small loft party in the Lower East Side for Kangol.


In 2007, recognition for his skills culminated with the announcement of a sneaker collaboration between his crew and Adidas for their B-BALL EQUIPMENT REMIX Project, the same company that pioneered the Hip Hop Artist Collaboration years before with another DJ . Run DMC.s Jam Master Jay.


Almost 10 years later, the mixtape projects that he created are still sought after and revered. This a testament to what Neil brings to the plate, as longevity is one of the things that cannot faked or bought, and something that few in this world of disposable DJ.s have. The proof is in the pudding: the best word to describe Neil Armstrong is Classic.







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Special Mentions:'s Honorable Mention 2006 "30 In The Mix" List
Justo's Mixtape Awards - 2006 Best Mixtape DJ Nominee
Justo's Mixtape Awards - 2006 Best Blends DJ Nominee
Rolling Stone's 2005 "Top 10" Mixtape DJ List's Honorable Mention 2005 "Power 30" List
Instructor for Scratch Academy
Speaker for Red Bull Music Academy on digital music technology
Chosen for the Red Bull Music Labs NY Session
Cornerstone Mixtape #79 - Best of 2005
Special Exclusive Products with Undr-Crwn Clothing

Rolling Stone Mag
Fader Mag 1 | 2
New York Times
Vibe Mag 2004
Urb Mag
Bedroom Rockers
Innerloop culture Mag
Rap Pages
Frank 151
Connex list

Reviews: - Certified Majestic - AOK part 4 - Oscillate Wildly - AOK part 3 - Filthy - AOK part 1 - Warmfuzzy - Bittersweeet

Major shows:
Common and Carmen Elektra's VMA Cookout NYC 2006
NBA Rookie PhotoShoot
Oakley - Our Life Video Movie Premier
Club BonBon - Shanghai China
REMIX Hotel NYC /Rane Serato
DMC USA Finals 2005 20th Anniversary NYC
Adidas Fanatic 2004,2005,2006
John Legend Album Release NYC
Adidas/Muhammed Ali line launch Las Vegas
Kanye West/ Slick Rick @ The Hammerstein Ballroom
X Mods event @ madison square garden
Sway and Tech MTV Wake Up Show celebration party , NYC
2000 SOHH Awards Ceremony
Rocksteady 2003,2002,2001,1999,1998,1997
North Sea Jazz Festival 2002 - Den Hague Netherlands
Detroit Jazz Fest 2003
Cork Jazz fest Ireland 2001
Hampshire Halloween
Snowboarding event -The session -
Breaklanta Iv Atlanta
African American Museum in Harlem

Speaker @ Harvard
University of Wisconsin
Hampshire College
Siena College
University of Illinois
Mt Holyoke
Boulder colorado
University of Texas , Austin

Appearance on Tyson Beckfords show
Appearance on Canada's "Much Music" - New Music Segment

The Smoking Section Interview Holiday Essentials DJ Playlists

From the Old bio pages.....

For those that don't know, I end up doing  a lot of the managerial type stuff for our little crew, like building this site. That's me, the brain, Neil Armstrong . I'm one of the original three members, and I guess I get the title of founder. It was in my basement where our little trip started, when we used to battle Total Eclipse and Sinista for fun...

From the 5th Platoon Press Kit:

The acknowledged founder of the crew, Neil began as a freelance writer covering the NYC underground hip hop DJ scene for such magazines as Guillotine Online (where he also served as editor), Flavor (Seattle based), the ITF Newsletter, and Subculture. His turning point came at the 1994 New Music Seminar, where he saw Shortkut of the Skratch Picklz rip it. Says Neil, "There was a point where I didn't want to just be a fan of hip - hop, I wanted to contribute to it - and that's where DJing came in." He began to learn the art of battling and soon developed his own style, which he describes as "slowed down head bobbin' beats". Eventually, Neil began to rack up an impressive performance resume, with appearances alongside such artists as the Arsonists, Tony Vegas of Scratch Perverts, DJ POGO, DJ Cutmaster Swift (91 DMC World champ), Ras Kass, Biz Markie, Lord Finesse, De La Soul, Company Flow, Indelibles, Siah and Yeshua, Skratch Perverts, Evil Dee (Black Moon), and the X-Men. All this while acting as the initial point of contact for the crew - at one point, he was the 5th Platoon's acting manager, booking agent, accountant, etc. Neil plans to use his skills to help develop tight- ass group routines for 5th in the coming months,and plans to start producing by 2000...

Battle Scars: Rhythm Method 95,96, DMC 97, Binghampton Battle 96/97 2nd Place, ITF 97 Team Routine Member...Pretty Skimpy compared to the rest of the squad, but who knows what the future holds... By the way, if you step to me , I don't back down easy - you just might get dealt wit.....

Odds & Ends: Lost a Dollar to Rob Swift in a battle, Known to try to burn his crew mates- tried to lite up Do, Roli and Wali on many occasions, Turntables named bumshequa and sharlene..